Thursday, June 13, 2013

Giving up the gun

top, shoes, belt: thrifted | shorts: Forever 21 | lady tie: Flapper Girl

Once again, I've gone far longer than I intended to go without an update! I think I underestimated just how much time I was going to spend playing with Bandit...but other aspects of my life have been busy as well. My shop has now been live for just about two weeks, and honestly, it's been doing better than I thought it would. I've sold ten prints so far! I get such a rush of excitement every time I see a new order, or even a notification that someone has added one of the prints to their favorites list. My head is brimming with ideas for new designs - both Doctor Who related and otherwise - but first, I've got to design wedding invitations for my sister. Exciting times.

I feel like I've been holding back on my creativity a little bit for the past month - partly because of getting Bandit, but also because I haven't had internet at my place and because I don't have anywhere to work on art in my apartment. Ever since I moved in, I've been lacking in furniture, but that is slowly being remedied. Last weekend at a garage sale (less than a block from my house!) I found a little golden yellow couch for $10, and today I got a lovely mid-century-style desk! It's been ages since I had a real desk, and I can't wait to make my workspace my own. My desk at work has minimal decorations, for reasons which would merit a blog post of their own, I think. So, more on that later...

Do you have a workspace at home? How do you keep it decorated?


  1. You look SO cute!!! I love the top and lady tie, and those shorts go so well with your lovely locks!!! Just adorable.

    xox Sammi

  2. I love to work at home (be this I mean I love when I don't have to go to do some work at the university and stay at home on my desktop pc), and my desk it's pretty big, but it's always full of papers, books, pencils, glasses , water and fur of my beloved cat :) I think I need a new one.. Love you outfit! Those shorts are so cool! And those glasses... I had one like thoses, but one day on the gas station when i was filling my car, I forget them on the top of the car... You can imagine what happened next.
    Sofia G

  3. Love this vintage look! SO cute and well done! Alex

  4. The shorts and tights looks are still some of my favorites!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. This outfit makes me wish it was fall so badly. I want to wear tights again! Your shorts are so perfectly cute and I love them with the dotted top and lady tie. I just want to wear this now. You look awesome. The round sunglasses really are the perfect touch too.
    It sounds like you're getting your apartment all comfy. $10 for a couch is fantastic! I'm really looking forward to having a grown-up apartment soon. I've been in the same one since sophomore year of college so there's just a lot of junk in there. Oh well. Someday.

  6. This outfit is so perfect. You are stunning and I love your blog!

  7. I love this outfit-- those shorts are fantastic! Congratulations on your shop! That couch sounds lovely (and what a deal!). My desk always seems to be covered in papers and clutter, but I like to keep a couple of cute mementos from my travels on display to remind me of fun times :)

    xx Emma

  8. Your top is so sweet especially with the polka dots and the bow!

  9. What a beautiful outfit, I love the shorts so much!

    I plan on doing a 'show me your workspace' type of post soon!


  10. You have such an elegant look! I love you blog!

    Your creativity really shows through your posts and pictures!

    Pop over to my blog and follow if you get a chance.


  11. Hello from a new follower! I love your style!

  12. Hi! I just found your blog and I must say your style is adorable! Hope you update soon and are doing well!

  13. Such a cute blog! Love your hair, too :)

    -Allie @ LunaVida

  14. This outfit is stunningly beautiful! I love the colour of your shorts, which go so weel with your hair, and that top is adorable. Congrats on your shop doing well!