Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fire or freshness

dress: Charlotte Russe | belt: thrifted | tights: Target | shoes: Francesca's Collections

Last week's post was just about as casual an outfit as I've ever worn on this blog...and here I am, swinging in the complete opposite direction. I've been having more fun with my style lately, and I like to think that it shows! This is mostly due to the fact that I've gotten a few new thrifted pieces and a few new pairs of shoes. Isn't it wonderful how just a few purchases can open up all sorts of possibilities?

These shoes, however, were not one of those new purchases - not exactly. I actually bought them online last September, and proceeded to not wear them even once. Much to my dismay, when I tried them on I realized that they rubbed my ankle every time I took a step. I'm willing to be slightly uncomfortable for a pair of shoes I really love, but even I know my limits. I kept meaning to do something to fix them, but I never did...until last week. I finally bought some little squishy pads to cushion the ankles. Now I'm kicking myself for not having done it sooner! True, I may never run a marathon in these shoes (or in any other shoes, ever) but for the occasional wear, I think they're lovely.  I've got a girl's night planned on Thursday night to go see the Great Gatsby, and you better believe I'll be dressing up with these shoes and a flapper-inspired dress. Old theatre habits die hard!

Have any of you seen Gatsby yet? It's my favorite book of all time, and I've heard mixed things about the movie, so I'm trying to keep my expectations in check.


  1. You rock this outfit. It has a classic vintage vibe.

  2. You look tremendously beautiful! That lipstick suits you perfectly. I loved The Great Gatsby (the book) and now I can't wait to watch the new film! xx


  3. the shoes are gorgeous! I always have problems with my shoes, so it's pretty cool you manage to solve yours :) love your make-up as well, and the dress ofc!

  4. How gorgeous! I love the dress (is it apple print??), and those tights and shoes are super lovely!!

    xox Sammi

  5. I also can't figure out if it's you standing in front of my barn or the way Chris takes pictures of it that makes it look so much cooler than it really is.
    Probably both.

  6. I love those shoes! Also, when I first opened this post on my Google Reader I thought you'd cut all your hair off! I love the faux-short look of this hairstyle. Do you think you can do a hair tutorial sometime?

  7. I love the delicate look that the tights and shoes give this outfit! I haven't seen the movie, but I do know they're never as good as the books, so I usually hold off until the movie is in the dollar theatre in town or it comes out on Netflix.

  8. Beautiful as always! I'm a sucker for Francesca's. <3

    Love, Amy


  9. What a lovely outfit! I saw Gatsby yesterday and I thought it was gorgeous (being an extra in it must have been so much fun!), but didn't get drawn in quite as much as I did by the book. Overall I thought it was enjoyable though!

    Ladyface Blog

  10. That's a great idea to keep the shoes from rubbing! I need to do that with my gold sparkly loafers because those things just tear up my feet. I'll write that on my to-do list. These shoes are so cute I'm glad they're actually wearable now! I'm also loving your awesome apple print dress!

  11. No I haven't seen Gatsby yet!! really need to but I am seriously loving your blog and found you from 'the girl never gets older'. This look is simply lovely and I love the shade of your hair too!!

    x Rebecca