Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Three: 3.14.13

1. SpoonGraphics' list of 50 inspiring branding projects (Here's a link to the original source for the above example)

There's something about these kinds of images that makes me want to simultaneously breathe a big sigh of relief and get frantically to work on my own skills. (From a designer's perspective, that's what good design should do, right?) Chris from the SpoonGraphics blog has compiled an excellent list of examples of branding done right, and it is, quite simply, beautiful. This example is one of my favorites. I'm probably not the target audience for Fast Eddie's, but after seeing this branding project, I would definitely want to be one of their customers somehow!

In honor of Pi Day, enjoy this deliciously simple typography by the talented Lauren Hom. Her blog, Daily Dishonesty, has become one of my absolute favorites - and again, it definitely makes me want to sharpen my design skills and try my hand at lettering.

Last, but not I even need to explain this one?

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!


  1. i missed pi day, totally neglected it, and my life feels like a shamble now! (bit melodramatic, but it is totally my favorite not-at-all-a-real holiday day)

  2. these are 3 real winners Laura! i'm going mental over little fox earrings. so cute! the barber shop logo is "sheer" genius - i am with you about getting inspired by others awesome designs. it's like i almost get a high off of viewing pleasures like these. hope you're having a good weekend so far lovely - thanks for sharing some real great bright spots. cheers!