Saturday, March 9, 2013

Skirts & stripes forever (+ Firmoo glasses review)

glasses: c/o Firmoo | dress (worn as top): Forever 21 | cardigan & wedges: Target | skirt: Francesca's Collections

When Firmoo contacted me a few weeks ago offering me a pair of glasses to review, I had two immediate reactions. The first was unbridled excitement: yes! I've always wanted my own pair of glasses! But the second was something like embarrassment. I don't need glasses! Everyone would know I'm faking it! But after a quick moment of reflection, I realized three things:

1) No one knows I don't need glasses.
2) No one cares I don't need glasses.
3) If someone does care that I don't need glasses and wear them anyway, they seriously need to get a life.

So, here I am, wearing glasses as a fashion accessory, completely unashamed. So there!

And now, a little bit about Firmoo and my experience with them:

Basically, Firmoo is an online eyewear retailer that aims to make glasses both fashionable and affordable. They even have a First-Pair-Free program where new customers can get, well, their first pair free! (This only applies to certain frames, but even the frames you have to pay for are pretty inexpensive.)

My favorite thing about them by far, though, is their virtual try-on system: you can upload your picture to their site to see what different frames will look like on you. I've tried to do this in the past with Photoshop, just to see what I would look like with glasses...but their website takes all the guesswork out of it. Upload your photo, click on each pupil, boom! Done. That was hugely helpful when I was trying to pick out my frames. (Here are the ones I chose).

And now for the awkward experience with their service. See, as a blogger, I sometimes get a little bit annoyed when I read blogger-written reviews that are just a little bit too nice. So I was almost looking forward to having that catch, that one little negative thing I could warn you about. But I honestly didn't have any problems whatsoever. The glasses arrived in a timely manner, they were just as classy as they looked online, and they came nicely packaged with a glasses case, lens cloth, repair kit, and drawstring bag. If you too were looking for the catch, I'm sorry to disappoint! I've gotten tons of compliments on these glasses, and I'm really enjoying how they spice up my wardrobe just a little bit. So, if you're in need of new frames, I highly recommend giving Firmoo a try. 

And now, since I'm curious, I turn it over to you: do any of you wear glasses as a fashion accessory? For you glasses-wearing ladies, what are your thoughts on people who wear them but don't need them?

Thanks to Firmoo for sending these glasses! As always, I promise to be completely honest in any and all reviews.


  1. These frames are beautiful on you! Even though I wear glasses, I have a bunch of "fake" frames for fashion, when I wear my contacts. So I certainly don't judge! :) I definitely want to check out this company!

    Also, side note, I love how you've done your hair in this post! And I am envious of anyone who has such gorgeous red hair!

    xox Sammi

  2. Anca Madalina BaboiMarch 10, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    You look amazing in red! I love the skirt!


  3. Even if you don't need glasses these look lovely, really like the shade of your lipstick too

  4. These glasses are so super cute on you! It definitely doesn't matter if you don't need them. Plenty of people wear glasses as accessories. I actually would prefer to wear mine as accessories with my contacts in because I hate losing my peripheral vision when I wear glasses. That's actually the reason I rarely wear my glasses and I have a few cute pairs! I always have to pay more for my prescription lenses too because my eyes are pretty bad. Sad times.

    Anyway, these glasses are adorable. I want a pair. I love them with your red and black outfit.

  5. i had a blast trying on glasses on their site! but then their shipping costs to romania scared me - way bigger than the frame itself! however, they do look pretty, and you chose frames that do you justice. who cares if you don't have prescriptions?

  6. Ahh, these look so great on you! I may have to give Firmoo a try. I've worn prescription glasses since I was 16, so for ten years now! I have often been asked if they're real, usually at dance clubs (why??), and I'm always full of geek-pride when I get to say they're prescription. BUT, I think it's totally fine for someone to wear glasses as an accessory! As long as they're being a bit cheeky about it. And hey, when I was a teenager all I wanted was a pair of geek glasses, and I was SO HAPPY when I found out I actually NEEDED glasses. So I'll be honest... if I wasn't wearing them to fix my eyesight, I might occasionally wear geek glasses just to look geekier... so no shame! You look fabulous!

  7. It's awesome that they came quickly - I love them on you! I got a pair from them that have fashion lenses also and am excited to try them out - we'll have to see if I look cute in them or not :D You look so pretty in red also - I love this striped dress!

  8. love your hair color!

  9. Thanks, Sammi! :) My hairstyle was my feeble attempt at this look:

  10. Red and white looks so great on you, with sun or even with so much snow aroun you <3

  11. Beautiful! I love your hair and those glasses are adorable.