Monday, February 25, 2013

Navy blues

dress/coat/belt: vintage | shoes: Charlotte Russe | hat: borrowed (ahem) from my mom

My new job is pretty amazing, but I have to say that one of my favorite things about it is that I'm finally downtown. Suddenly, I'm close to everything - which means I can finally explore the city like I've never done before. Case in point: there was a little vintage shop that I passed a couple of times on the bus a couple years ago, but I never could make out what it was called. I tracked it down last week and walked over on my lunch break...and to nobody's surprise, I walked out one 1950's dress richer. I almost didn't try it on - I didn't even see it at first - but I'm so glad I took the extra minute to search deeper in the racks of clothing. The lace has a definite vintage flair, but in a way that also looks very of-the-moment. (It's sheer, for one thing.) It's also a slightly larger size than I normally wear, which I actually love - it makes the dress feel comfortable and chic without being fussy.

It really felt wonderful to add another vintage piece to my wardrobe. I've been noticing a trend in myself: lately, I've been buying more and more new pieces and letting the vintage pieces collect dust (well, figuratively, anyway). There's nothing inherently wrong with a style changing, but vintage will always be very special to me, and I'd like to get back to my roots in that sense. It was vintage clothing that first got me interested in personal style; you wouldn't be reading this blog if I hadn't discovered a few fashion blogs that centered around the writers' latest finds. I didn't get interested in style until relatively late in the game, and I don't know if I ever would have if I hadn't found those blogs. 

What about you? Have you always loved clothes, or was there something that sparked it later on?


  1. All of these images are stunning! You're a real head turner!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous! It looks like you stepped out of the past! So, so lovely. Ugh I hate your hair by the way; it's so perfect and amazing and I can never have it. AKA I LOVE IT.

    I used to be super into vintage clothes when I was in high school, and almost every weekend I'd go to this vintage shop in my hometown called Carlo's, and try on a billion vintage pieces. I only bought a few dresses from there and a velvet blazer, but I loved the aesthetic of everything in there. Not sure I'll ever go back to having a vintage-inspired style, ESPECIALLY since you pull it off so well and I could never rival you. ;)

  3. I love finds like that. very pretty!

  4. oh gee, i am so happy i found your blog! your sense of style is lovely and inspiring! i adore your hat and the way this dress is styled! newest follower here and excited for more posts!

    lindsey louise

  5. wow! what can I say? the dress and photos are amazing!

  6. So '40s!

    I've had a thing for furry coats lately, and this one is excellent.

  7. oh my goodness these vintage pieces are amazing - they look like they were made for you. I always loved working in new areas because I discovered parts of my city I didn't know before.

  8. Gotta say, navy looks almost as good as red on you ^_^