Monday, December 10, 2012

The quick brown fox

dress: ModCloth | belt & skirt: vintage | shoes: thrifted

As much as I love the extra hour of sleep I got from daylight savings time last month, I don't love the fact that I now have to drive both to and from work in the dark. Aside from being generally depressing (who wants to spend all of the daylight hours in a cubicle?), it also makes outfit shoots very difficult! Lately I've felt like I'm falling into a bit of a rut with my outfits, so I'm actually kind of excited for the snow to start falling - I think the change of scenery will do me and my wardrobe good.

Thankfully, I've been able to keep busy - very busy, in fact! As I mentioned previously, Chris and I were in charge of putting together a special DIY section for the local magazine we both write for (On-the-Town), so this weekend was full of writing and taking photos. I've always admired DIYs I've found online, but truth be told, I had done very few of them myself...until this weekend! Technically, doing this project meant that I had to work all day on my day off, but it felt wonderful to try something new. If I get permission from the editor, I hope to post some of the DIYs here on the blog.

Last weekend, we also had my mom's vintage fashion show, which went great! It's always a little bit hard to tell how well these shows go when you're backstage, but I heard lots of lovely comments. I wore a wedding outfit from the 1880's, and - my favorite - a gorgeous lace wedding dress from the 1940's. Sadly, I neglected to bring my I think I'll hold off on giving you the full recap until I can get my hands on photos from someone else. It's not the same using words; my mom's dressesat really must be seen to be appreciated!

I hope you all had a great Monday! Do you have any fun plans for the week?


  1. I love the cut and print of that dress!

  2. This blouse is so so gorgeous!!! I love the cute little fox print, so lovely with that skirt and those tights. It is super depressing to drive to and from work in the dark, it's the worst!!

  3. Your top is so incredibly adorable. And I know what you mean about daylight savings. I hate that it gets dark so early at night and it stays dark so late in the morning. It's so hard to get up when it's still dark outside.

  4. hey, for feeling like you're in a rut, this outfit is adorable! i absolutely love the print. and i hear ya on daylight savings. it does all sorts of nasty things to my circadian rhythm. those dresses sound amazing, just in the little detail you shared…but really, it's hard to do things like that justice without photographs. how fun to participate in that though!

  5. you are sooooo beatifull!
    and your outfit is adorable, especially love the blouse!

  6. I hate that the days are so short, and my outfit posts hate it too! I can't get enough of this dress of yours though :)

  7. awee so cute, love the little foxes :)

  8. I agree-I hate daylight savings too! I just don't understand the point! Now no matter how early I try to get out of work, it's always already dark by the time I get home!

    I love your shirt, its so cute!

    Sophisticated Lace

  9. This is such a lovely outfit, I absolutely adore it :) Those foxes made my day and now I need this same dress!

    Une Dandizette

  10. I love this outfit, very colourful and fun. I would love to see the DIY projects if you get permission for it.

    I am having a busy week of work, a First Aid course and the work Christmas Party, we all get a bit manic this time of year don't we??

    Janine (new follower) xx

  11. I think we should start an obsessed with foxes club! Seriously this top is PERFECT on you. Like it was made for you. The cut, the color of the foxes with your hair. Like I just want to be you in these photos. You're adorable.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  12. That outfit is adorable! The little foxes go perfectly with your hair :)

    Turquoise Flamingo

  13. Ok, could you be any cuter?! Seriously! I also have a thing for foxes and I'm obsessing over your cute dress! I love love love your blog, wanna follow each other and be friends? :)