Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Three: 10.18.12

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I sometimes feel like a bit of an anomaly in the blogosphere because I'm not a cat person. Cats are okay, and I'll grant you that they can be downright adorable, but I'd prefer a dog any day of the week. But this? Is a perfect outfit. I'm pretty sure I gasped a little bit when I saw it. I'm now trying to imagine how I could replicate this look...I know the dress isn't DIY, but it sure does inspire me to try DIYing a printed dress of my own. A fox print, perhaps?

When I was five years old, my mom took me to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto. It's safe to say that my life was never the same - and neither were my parents' eardrums. I played that soundtrack to death, and used to stand on top of our kitchen chairs and try to sing like Christine Daae. To date, I've now seen this show live six times (yes, six; I figure I might as well come clean about my nerdiness). I credit Phantom for my undying love of all things musical theatre.

All of that is to say - you can imagine my sheer excitement when I saw that the 25th anniversary performance is now on Netflix! I watched it in its entirety on Friday night and it is absolutely stunning. If your only exposure to the show was the 2004 movie and you can't make it to Broadway, I urge you to please check out this 25th anniversary video. (A little bird told me that if you don't have Netflix, you might just be able to find the performance in its entirety on YouTube...) Nothing can ever quite capture what it's like to see a Broadway show, but this comes darn close.

I could ramble on about Phantom for you know my nerdy little secret! I'll make up for my long-windedness by keeping this last item brief:

3. Calvin and Hobbes

Last but far from least, some wisdom and perspective from the greatest comic in history.

Well, that wraps up this week's Thursday Three. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of cats either but I agree that outfit is really great just because it's so subtle. I saw phantom of the opera when I was nine in nyc. I was all the way in the back but the play was still really awesome especially the beginning. Amazing amazing.

  2. Love calvin and Hobbs, also that dress is DIY! The etsy seller that makes them block prints the fabric, so you could totally make the cutest fox dress! I have tons of linoleum too. Blog DIY dress day? I'll do puppy paw prints and you can do a fox head.

  3. ooooooooo! I am going to go netflix it right now!! :D You look so cute! I love cats, but I would get a dog over a cat any day.

  4. I love cats in real life, but don't love to wear them in my clothing. Yet, Carrie somehow makes kitty clothing look chic and beautiful. I think her kitty cat shoes are even cute and the dress is definitely adorable! :)

  5. Even us pretty blogging gals are nerdy. I'm not surprised that you have a secret something! :) I was super into musical theatre in high school. I'm not as obsessed now, but I still pull out the Wicked soundtrack once in a while. ;)

  6. I love that cat print dress, but I wouldn't mind it in fox print either, and same for carrie's loafers!

  7. Love the outfit and the Calvin and Hobbes. Looking at the stars can put things into perspective.

  8. I think a DIY based on that dress would be so amazing!
    You should definitely go for it!


  9. hi Laura, it's my 1st visit here and i just have to say your blog is full of insp and beauty. ah Phantom, such an icon and a good way to spend a Friday evening, just soaking it all in from the teevz. i'll have to look and see if it's on Canadian Netflix too. the boyf & i are cat people for sure but one day (hopefully soon!) we'd like to add a puppeh into the fams also, then things would feel complete :) i did spy Carrie's post featuring that awesome dress and swooned my heart out over it! your fox friend idea is ace. *pssst* did you know that foxes purr like cats? and have you seen this fellow fox lover yet? i was in tears within the 1st minute.

    i love all your pretty, patterned dresses! you've got a great sense of style and are just so cute in each and every shot. when i spotted your "perfect dress"....the one with the darling little fox print i almost died cos it's basically my dream dress!! Grand Rapids vicinity is stunning, i now desperately want to get there one day and see these sights first hand. happy weekend wishes to you & Chris - you two are all kinds of adorable! cheers. ♥

  10. I'm not very much of a cat person either. Dogs are so loyal and kind that it's impossible not to love them. And Phantom of the Opera is definitely my favorite musical. I've seen it twice and have been caught wailing those songs from my room more times than I can count. And that comic is absolutely perfect in its sublimity!