Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The other big apple

sweater: thrifted | dress & belt: vintage | shoes: Charlotte Russe

You'd never know it from the gloomy, blustery weather we're having right now, but the weekend before last was - for an autumn lover like me - paradise. We were treated to a couple days of Indian summer (and broke some records, if I'm not mistaken. But more importantly than that, I finally made it to an orchard! My sweet little niece and nephew were visiting for a few days, so we decided to take advantage of the glorious Sunday and head over to Robinette's Apple Haus & Winery. According to their Facebook page, it was opened in 1911 by Barzilla Robinette. Quite the moniker, eh?

Anyway, it was insanely crowded (apparently we weren't the only ones who wanted to take advantage of the perfect weather - who knew?) but we had such a wonderful time. I had been wanting to have a day that was full of unabashedly autumn-themed activities - and my wish was definitely granted. We went on a hay ride, drank cider, and checked out the pumpkins, and Chris and I did our first-ever wine tasting! I'd been wanting to do one for ages, but I assumed they would be extremely expensive. Not so at Robinette's, though - and you can get a free wine tasting whenever you want if you come back and use the wine glasses they give you! Chris ended up buying a cherry wine (we made short work of that) and I bought blueberry. We couldn't help but feel very classy.

I had to stop for pictures by the big red apple. How could I not? Red was certainly the color of the day...even my nephew was wearing it. And no, Chris and I did not match on purpose.

While we were waiting for the hay ride to start, I noticed that the window across from us was making distorted reflections like a fun-house mirror...so of course I took a picture of Chris and me and our giant foreheads!

I always hate seeing these two cuties go, but we had such a great time. In our short visit, we took them to Robinette's, brought them to a local trick-or-treat event (he wore my brother's old Cookie Monster outfit and she was Cinderella), and took them bowling for their first time ever. They were much more interested in the ball return than the actual game itself, but we all enjoyed ourselves!

Yes, it's a real-live picture of the two of us together. We have so few that's sort of ridiculous, considering we've been together two years next month...but that just means that each one is precious.

There's much more I could say about this perfect day, but I'll leave it here and just hold on to the memories. I'm extra glad we went then because now, with the weather the way it is, winter seems closer than ever. If only fall weren't so fleeting...

My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by Hurricane Sandy; the images I'm seeing on the news are just unreal. I hope all of you East-Coasters are staying safe!


  1. I love the red! The apple is so pretty and the outfit is gorgeous.
    Almost Endearing

  2. What a cute and fun adventure! :D Love it.

  3. ha! how awesome is that huge apple! you guys looks really cute all matchy matchy:)

  4. I adore your pics with THAT apple, it's perfect, all that red, really charming!

  5. looks like you had an awesome time! That apple reminds me of James & the Giant Peach!


  6. ALL of you are so cute, and I love the picture of Chris and you. It can be really hard to get good pictures of yourself and your partner sometimes (especially when all your friends/family are scared of your DSLR).
    I love the all red outfit and just generally love red, and it looks really great on you. :)

  7. You are so adorable. This makes my heart happy~


  8. Adorable pictures! Your red outfit is so cute and lovely! :)
    xx Elle

  9. How adorable!

  10. Great outfit!
    I have a giveaway running in my blog now! Hope you could join :)

  11. adorable photo's. love the colours.

  12. Awesome pics! Full of kindness and positive attitude:)
    Love your outfit!


  13. between the 2 of you, the adorable kiddos and that HUGE apple - i am in lourve with it all! sensational shots, way to capture the joy of that day. i've never been to a wine tasting either but have always wanted to try. blueberry wine sounds kind of awesome!

    your blog is just the sort of pick me up i need on this grey, rainy day. bright spot is what, 100% adore!!! you look all kinds of beautiful Laura. ♥

  14. Aw you two are so cute in your picture together! I love how your outfits coordinate. My boyfriend and I have very few decent pictures together so I understand. (He doesn't tend to photograph well, but shh I didn't say that.) Anyway, your outfit is so festive and cute. I love the red sweater belted over your pretty dress.

  15. Eee! I'm sooo happy to see you and your man in a photo together!! Cuteness GALORE. And I absolutely love this place, I've been there a few times. :) I totally want donuts and apple cider now, mmm!!!

  16. I love your outfit. And the place looks really great.