Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It was all yellow

top, belt: Forever 21 | skirt: vintage | shoes: Payless

If the point of Labor Day weekend is that you not labor, then I'm pretty sure I missed the point! Instead of doing anything particularly end-of-summer-y, once Saturday rolled around, I took the opportunity to do all sorts of productive things I had been putting off for ages. Maybe it's from reading all of the organization tips in the ADHD book I'm designing at work. Whatever the reason, lately I've been feeling super motivated to get organized this autumn - so I actually spent a couple hours putting together a budget. And what's more, I actually kind of enjoyed it!

I'm also trying to spend less time on time-wasting websites (hello, Reddit) and instead spend time on websites that have the potential to be useful. So far, I've found some awesome tutorials on Stumbleupon. I feel like Stumbleupon is one of those sites people were talking about three years ago, so I'm a little bit late to the party - but I can't wait to try out some of the DIYs I've found. I think Sharpie mugs are first on my list...I'll definitely have to share my results.

Another thing I spent a lot of time working on this weekend - and I know I've been mentioning this for months - is the new layout for this blog! I'm actually glad that I put it off so much, because I adore the layout I've come up with now. It's not up yet (obviously), but once I get a few little pieces of art from Chris, it should be good to go.

You know, I feel like my little blog is growing up...and crazily enough, this fall I'll have had it for a whole year. It's really fun to look back at my post history. Sometimes I look into my closet and feel like I'm stuck in a rut...and then I see all the different outfits I've put together over the past 10-or-so months, and remember that there's always something new I can come up with. (Even if I always do return to yellow and blue.)

So while my Labor Day weekend probably wouldn't make anyone's top-10 list for "most relaxing vacations ever," I was still really happy with it - and believe it or not, I was actually kind of eager to get back to work, too. What's happening to me?!

Did any of you do anything awesome this holiday weekend? I hope yours was wonderful!


  1. Is this shirt meant to be peplum?! I saw this and thought "oh, oh! What a great idea to transform something more flowy to peplumish with a belt! But then I questioned whether or not it was supposed to be that way...
    Anyway I got alot of organizing and pairing down done as well! Hope you keep up the energy!!!

    1. Thank you! :) It isn't meant to be - it's supposed to be loose and flowy, but I prefer things with a little more structure (had to buy it, though, because I couldn't resist that collar...)

  2. good for you, getting your life in order and your priorities straight! that's something i think i will be forced to learn this year as i enter college.

    yellow is a great color on you, though i'm sure you've heard that before!

  3. You look amazing!!love the colours..u hv such a chic style :)

  4. that's a lovely blouse and your hairdo is equally lovely. looking forward to seeing this new layout!

  5. Cute Outfit! :) And The yellow looks Good on you.

  6. The color and shape of this top are so great! It's definitely a transitional piece..summer, fall, spring even! Either way, very cute outfit. And I totally know what you mean about Reddit : ) I lose hours, but hey, I usually get at least one good news story there!

  7. absolutely adore your yellow and cream, beautiful.

    not sure if this is your speed, but i love spending time on openculture.... basically, an amazing archive of free music, books, essays, online university courses, films....

    check it out!


    1. Never heard of it - I'll check it out! Thanks!

  8. I love that shirt! And I always love your locations for your outfit posts, especially this barn. I love the contrasting colors of your outfit and the red background!


  9. You look very adorable, and I followed you. Ok, I usually write more than that, but I'm here to discuss Reddit (hah I have a problem).

    I spend so much time on that website! I'm on it right now! I lurk and I find that it's hard to be productive in a physical sense, but in a mental sense you can learn some stuff. Like /r/science, /r/askscience, /r/eli5, etc...

    But let's be real - askreddit is where all the time is spent.

    Sorry that's way off topic on fashion, but I love me some Reddit.

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one, haha! I'm subscribed to many of those, and others that have great discussions...this discussions are always my downfall! I open a few tabs and think "Oh, this won't take too long" and before I know it, I've been on there for an hour. But you're right, at least I learn something :)

  10. i love that blouse. you are quite a lovely lady :) x

  11. awesome top! love the flared ruffles.


  12. Hey, I gave you a blog award;

    See here;

    Katie x