Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Style Inspiration: Annie Clark

For this edition of Style Inspiration (not that this feature has been happening with any kind of regularity) I decided to turn to Annie Clark, also known as her stage name, St. Vincent. This was a no-brainer for me - in fact, I've had this post waiting in the queue, titled and empty, for months. 

So what's so special about Annie Clark? Let me put it this way: she might just be the only person in the world who looks like a porcelain doll (see below) but could shred on the guitar just as well as any of the greats. And that is just one reason why she is so fascinating; she has an incredible ability to subvert expectations.

painting by Chris - this is sitting on my desk at work!

Though my own personal style often differs from hers - I lean more towards the girly, not-always-practical clothes - I always find myself admiring her outfits. She's feminine, but with a definite edge. Both in shows and photoshoots, she often sticks to basic black:

But this, I have to say, is my all-time favorite Annie outfit:

I may never have her perfectly messy dark curls (or her ability to both croon and shred) but I can at least try to emulate her edgy-with-pops-of-color style. Here are some cute pieces I put together that evoke Annie's style and persona:

1: Vintage sunglasses (VintageSilo @ Etsy)
2. Lacy black button-up (Forever 21)
3. Red pencil skirt (okiejo @ Etsy)
4. The One for V tights (ModCloth)
5. Turquoise cutout tank (Forever 21)
6. Black high-waist jean shorts (rosegoldaline @ Etsy)
7. Walk Star bootie (ModCloth)
8. Blue sleeveless blouse (thelovedone @ Etsy)

I don't know about you, but I think that last blue blouse is awfully tempting...

What about you? Is there anyone whose style you admire, even if it's not all that close to your own?

Annie Clark photos: Joe Saturday, Amanda M Hatfield


  1. Annie Clark is such an inspiration in every way. Thanks for posting about her - I never see much of her on style blogs (though she deserves it). I love that last blue belt as well :)

  2. I knew her songs but I had no idea what she looks like, so thanks! It always love the music even more if the singer is pretty, is that silly? :)