Saturday, April 7, 2012

The eternal question

dress: Charlotte Russe | cardigan: Target | shoes: ModCloth

I got a wonderful surprise when going through these photos. Some of you may be familiar with the artist Charles Dana Gibson - the man for whom the "Gibson girl" of the late 19th and early 20th century was so named. Well, he's one of my favorite artists - his ink drawings are just beautiful, and though their fashions would be incredibly impractical today, it's hard not to want to be a Gibson girl when looking at them...

Anyway, one of his more famous works is called "The Eternal Question," modeled by Gibson-era beauty icon Evelyn Nesbit. In the drawing, her hair is in the shape of a question mark, with a little curl at the end forming the dot:

And if you look at that first picture I posted, down to the little curl at the end, my hair is in pretty much the same shape! A perfect question mark. It was completely unintentional, but I love that I was able to subconsciously find a way to channel my love for Gibson girls into my everyday style, without looking like I'm in costume.

Sometimes I wonder how famous artists of the past would render modern women. In the past, most fashion was all long skirts and flowing materials, and that was reflected in the styles of would those styles lend themselves to a structured A-line minidress? It would be an interesting project, if some artist out there would be ambitious enough to tackle it!


Full disclosure: I don't need glasses. But sometimes I really want them. I am one of the few people in my family who doesn't need glasses, actually - my dad has been wearing glasses since he was 18 months old (yes, months), but I inherited my mom's 20/20 vision. I've always thought it would be kind of fun to buy a pair, but I always felt weird about it - like I would be lying somehow. But then Chris pointed out to me that people don't always wear belts because they need to - sometimes, you just like the way something looks! 

So I latched onto that little bit of justification and we snagged these glasses from Joelle at the Vintage Soiree. They're clear glass and just wonderful. I think they're really fun to wear, but I think maybe they look better on Chris than they do on me...

My church is actually on a bit of a different calendar, so I'll be celebrating Easter next weekend. But to those of you celebrating Easter tomorrow - I hope you have a wonderful holiday, filled with good food and lots of love!

photos by Chris


  1. Cute booties! I'm the same way about glasses- I love how they turn an outfit around but I feel funny wearing them too. But I like the explanation that it's like wearing a belt, I'm going to cling to that too haha

  2. I think the glasses look great on you even if you don't need them! You're lucky to have good vision. I've been in contacts since 7th grade. I have such bad eyesight.
    Also, I love your dress so much. It's an adorable shape and looks so cute on you.

  3. Are you Eastern Orthodox? Just curious, cause they're the only ones I know of who celebrate Easter at a different date.

    Your glasses are cute, and you're so very pretty! :)

    1. I am, actually! Ever since I was 16 :)

      Thank you!

  4. beautiful pictures and I really like your look. Happy Easter!

  5. Love what you did with your hair.

  6. ah that dress is just too cute on you.. we have easter next week too (i'm from serbia)

  7. You look pretty with glasses.. I had them till a few months ago then got Lasik and couldn't be happier.. I hated mine..I didn't look pretty in mine.

  8. That dress is super cute and I love your frames!

    xo Jennifer

  9. That dress is so adorable on you! your hair is amazing.


  10. I lov the Gibson Girl look on you!

  11. So much to say! First off, I absolutely love the way you styled your hair. So awesome! It really does look like the picture! Secondly, I'm one of those people who has been wearing glasses foreeever (I think since I was 8). I used to hate them but now I make them fun, buying different pairs and such. :) Third, I adore those shoes!

  12. Beautiful! I thought of your blog yesterday when in an antique store and saw an antique-style bust of what looks to be more American colonial time period, but I saw that question mark hanging over her shoulder! I have been so tempted to go back and buy this one-of-a-kind sculpture. It was amazing. Anyway, here's a link to the pic if you wanna see: