Saturday, February 4, 2012

A shorts story

cardigan: Charlotte Russe | tank top: Target | shorts/matryoshka ring: ModCloth | oxfords: some shop in Bucharest

Yikes, sorry for my little disappearance there! Shortly after I wrote my last post, my computer cord died for good. I ended up getting a new laptop this week - which I love - but I'm still working on getting things transferred over to this computer. As a result, I don't have access to Photoshop or any of the photos I planned to post, or my lengthy to-do list in which I had several things planned out for this blog. I have also developed a slight cold, so I've been super lame, going to bed before 10 on most nights. When exactly did I become an old lady?!

Anyway, all I have to post is this outfit from when Chris and I did some babysitting for some friends last week. The lighting wasn't great and we only had about 5 minutes to take these photos before we had to head to the babysitting, but we had a total blast. I mean, how often is it that you get to play princesses and read Harry Potter in funny voices? The one 3-year-old girl really looks up to me because I wear dresses all the time (she wore a frilly velvet dress to bed, to give you an idea) so I think this outfit may have been a shock to her system...

Yes, I am wearing PANTS. Well, shorts, anyway. Since this blog is still fairly young, you have no idea how rare of an occasion it is that I wear pants of any kind. I've been trying to diversify my wardrobe a wee bit, so I snagged these when ModCloth had its massive sale. I love these shorts - isn't the print darling? - but I can think of exactly one way to style them. I'm new to this whole pants-wearing thing. Help a girl out! How would you style these shorts?


  1. you look darling in shorts! i would probably style them exactly like this, to be honest! :)
    i hope you get over your cold!

  2. I think you styled them just fine! If you never wear any sort of shorts or pants just think of it as a skirt, problem solved!

  3. Those shorts are sooooo cute :)


  4. girl, 5 minutes to take photos is all you need!! i think the pictures came out great & you look lovely :) x

  5. Believe me, that's the most perfect way of using them (at least for me) and I love your shoes. x

  6. Those shorts are awesome and look great on you! You could pair them with a pretty blouse with a cute collar perhaps?

  7. Love love love the theme, so cosy & romantic xray ban wayfarer