Monday, February 20, 2012

I'll try anything once

jacket: swapped | jeans & shoes: JC Penney

I thought I'd try something a little different on the blog today! Chris is always taking my outfit photos for the blog, so I thought I'd return the favor (or, have him humor me, more like it)! He's actually a really good sport about it, and he's a pretty snappy dresser if I do say so myself - so I think this might just become a semi-regular feature! He's much better than I am at putting colors together, which I suppose comes naturally from being an accomplished artist. I don't think I ever would have put these pieces together, but I actually love the resulting color palette.

We've had a bit of snow since my last post, but you'd never know it from the weather yesterday, which is when these were taken. It was warm enough that I could comfortably be without my coat for a while. So what did we do? Went to Chris's old elementary school and goofed around on the playground, of course!

Well, okay, we did some more grown-up things too. Together with our friend Jake, we went to Siciliano's, whose name always sounds like a restaurant to me - but it's actually a beer-and-wine-making supply store. They have lots of craft beers and wines, loose leaf teas, raw honey, short, it's a magical place. It smells wonderful inside, as you can imagine. Among other things, I bought a delicious chocolate stout and some creme brulee coffee, which I intend to try tomorrow...

In fact, the very thought of trying that coffee is making me want to go to bed right now so I can wake up soon and give it a try. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Did you act like a grown-up, embrace your inner child - or a little of both, as we did?


  1. A boy post! How fun! My boyfriend would most likely never allow me to feature him on my blog. He's not very into clothes anyway. Chris looks great in his outfit. His shoes are pretty awesome.
    Also Siciliano's sounds like a magical place. I want to go!

  2. Great photos! P.S. I am in love with the name of this blog!! I'm obsessed with foxes, though. :)New follower!

  3. love your idea to switch roles =) and what a nice looking man too!

  4. He looks great! The same goes with me and my boyfriend, he isn't a professional artist but he's really good at dressing himself haha!

    And thanks for my comment, that is so crazy that you never wear pants! I hardly do but there are some days where I have the urge to wear them for easy comfort! I need to buy some oxfords soon!

    Oh! And creme brule coffee?! Yum!!

    but first, coffee