Thursday, January 5, 2012

They say it's your birthday...

dress & boots: ModCloth | cardigan & scarf: Charlotte Russe | tights & belt: thrifted | 

Every year on my birthday I feel absolutely obliged to wear as many bright colors as possible. Granted, I have an obsession with bright, saturated colors anyway...but it's almost as if on my birthday I have to take it to the next level. I literally can't imagine wearing a neutral-colored outfit to blow out the candles. I love color. So sue me!

Anyway, yesterday I turned 23 and my brother turned 30. (Yes, I was born on his 7th birthday...that's quite the story, believe me.) I wasn't sure how the day would go since I didn't do much planning in advance, but it ended up being a lovely day. The weather even cooperated - not a single flake of snow and it was sunny all day. Perfect.

My day started off with breakfast in bed, which is sort of a family tradition. In my family, when it's your birthday, everyone wakes up super early to make you breakfast and blow up the number of balloons that corresponds to your age (until you're 21, at least. Then you're deemed "too old"...which I think is silly!) Then, they all come into your room with the breakfast and they throw balloons at you and turn the light on and take these really horrible sleepy, squinty-eyed photos. I mean, these photos are really horrible - and we've gotten quite the collection over the years. Always good for a laugh.

I was further spoiled by my mom bring me a dozen roses, and Chris bringing me lunch - this gorgeous salad that he made. Too wonderful. We then ventured out to take these photos just outside the door. Did I fool you into thinking that the outside of my work building is scenic?! Well, it's not. It's an industrial complex and it's rather sad looking in the winter. In the summer, though, there are actually fields that have tiny wild strawberries...sigh.

I capped off my day with some delicious Indian food (vegetable korma and naan!) with a few close friends, and catching up with my brother and his wife, who are visiting us for a few days. All in all, a lovely birthday.

Want to know a secret? This dress came in the mail on Saturday and I proceeded to wear it 4 out of the next 5 days. I am not ashamed. The best thing about this dress is that it's so colorful, it quite literally goes with almost every item of clothing I own. Upon buying this dress, I instantly could think of 10 different ways I could wear it. Definitely my new favorite wardrobe staple. 


  1. Happy Birthday boxing day to you! I can see you had a wonderful day. I love your brown boots btw!

  2. Happy birthday! I love the bright outfit you wore! Such a pretty mix of color. Also, those boots are fantastic!

  3. happy (late) birthday! i was certain i've already commented on this post, but i guess not... i LOVE this dress and the colors you paired it with! omg this outfit is perfect !


  4. love the name of your blog - I'm a fox fan - and you look really pretty. happy birthday!

  5. Happy belated! Love the birthday outfit and totally agree with the birthday rule of as much color as possible!!!

  6. swooon!!! i love everything about your outfit, the colors and contrasts are so perfect. I am even more in love with your boots. Happy Happy late birthday lady cakes!