Thursday, November 17, 2011

Joy, it's all founded


As I write this, there isn't a snowflake on the ground. We had the faintest of flurries today, but they didn't sick. (Or at least last time I checked!) And these photos are actually from the blizzard we had last February - I simply forgot to post them on the old blog. So why am I posting them now?

Really, more than anything, it's a reminder.

If you've never spent any time in Michigan during the winter,'s what it looks like. Lots of snow. Driving is treacherous and the skies are gray as a general rule. But I'm not trying to remind myself of the misery of winter - I'm trying to remind myself of the joy.

Yes, winter can be blah. But when else can you do things like this:

 I'm a firm believer that you find joy where you look for it; that's actually part of the reason I picked the name for this blog. I wanted something with foxes since they're very dear to me, and "joy" was a natural fit. A constant reminder.

So whenever I'm feeling down about winter's impending arrival, I just look at these photos. We took in the late-afternoon beauty of our little neighborhood:

And we sat on the porch of strangers:

Twirled and played in the snow 'til we couldn't feel our fingers:


 And then warmed up at Brick Road Pizza with some hot tomato bisque and the best breadsticks in the world.

Maybe, just maybe winter's not so bad.

dress & belt: Charlotte Russe | cardigan: Target | tights: various places (I was wearing 4 layers of them!) | boots: DSW

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  1. Ahh. I'm in love. These photos are absolutely wonderful. and so much fun!