Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A fresh start

Why hello there! A few of you out there may know me from Owl Eyes. Clearly, I haven't blogged there in awhile. But lately, I've found myself aching for a fresh start - a new name, new design, a new perspective. And what better time to do that than in autumn - when nature is in the midst of a spectacular change, when she's reinventing herself?

On the day we took these photos, I really didn't feel like having my picture taken. My hair was dirty and I just felt unprepared. But my boyfriend needed to take some shots for his photography class, so we went on a little adventure. He took me to Grand River Park, which I had never been to. (Turns out, I had passed it hundreds of times on my way to class - I never even knew it was there.)

Once we got there, I felt so silly for being hesitant. I think this park is destined to become one of my favorite spots in the area. Chris can attest: I simply would not shut up about how gorgeous and idyllic everything was. It was one of those crisp fall days where the colors are out in full force, the sun is warm and the breeze is just strong enough to make the grasses gently wave.

I can't believe I never knew about this park before. I wonder what other treasures are hiding right under my nose?

dress, sweater, belt: vintage | tights: GAP | shoes: Forever 21


  1. These pictures are beautiful and so are you! I'm excited to see what your new blog becomes!

  2. love the mood of these shots, skirt is adorable ;)