About Me


Hello! My name is Laura. I've lived in Michigan since I was 11, and I'm proud to call the "mitten state" home. After a lifelong love affair with words, I graduated from Grand Valley State University in April 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. To everyone's surprise - especially mine! - I found a job right after I graduated. I'm currently employed as a writer/graphic designer, and I write a fashion column for a local magazine.

Once I started my job, I realized that I needed a creative outlet at home. Since I had been a long-time reader of personal style blogs, it seemed like a no-brainer that I should have my own!  I created The Joyful Fox in the fall of 2011.


Style blogs will always be special to me. I first discovered them in 2009 as I was getting out of a rough relationship, and I was instantly hooked. Blogs such as Liebemarlene Vintage and Delightfully Tacky gave me endless inspiration in that tough time, and it soon showed in my wardrobe. These days, my closet contains a fun mix of new, thrifted, and vintage items. I even got my mom into vintage, and she now owns over 50 vintage wedding dresses!

On The Joyful Fox, you'll find lots of my daily outfits, snippets from my life (including my wonderful boyfriend, Chris), and some of my favorite things...including food! Working at a health and wellness company has really sparked within me an interest in food and nutrition. Though I'm far from a gourmet cook, I'm a big fan of delicious food, and I love to share recipes that Chris and I develop.


Who takes your photos? 
Chris takes all the photos of me, and I take all the photos of him! We use my Nikon D70 camera with a variety of lenses, including my favorite - a fixed 50mm lens.

How do you edit your photos?
I use Adobe CS5 to edit my photos. I use a combination of two actions I downloaded from DeviantArt, plus some of my own tweaks. (The actions are no longer available online that I'm aware of.)

Who designed your layout?
First of all, I have to give credit to Chris for painting my lovely header! He did a beautiful job. The rest of the layout was designed by me, using tips and tutorials from Makin' Cute Blogs and Pugly Pixel. The striped background is from Subtle Patterns.

Are you vegan?
Short answer: no. In-depth answer: I am a lactose-intolerant vegetarian who doesn't care for eggs, and at least 90% of my diet is vegan, but I can't say I'm fully vegan at this point. All recipes on The Joyful Fox, however, will be vegan friendly (perhaps with the exception of honey).

Have any other questions? You can contact me at thejoyfulfox [at] gmail.com!