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The Joyful Fox is a personal style blog where I share my outfits, recipes, and whatever has been inspiring me lately. Over the last few months, this blog has averaged 5,600+ pageviews per month, and has been featured on the ModCloth Blog and the ModCloth Tumblr.

If you're interested in sponsoring, first of all: thank you! You're awesome! I'm excited to work with like-minded businesses and individuals. I'm up for product reviews, giveaways, and sponsorship - with the caveat that I will only support your brand if I think it's something that both I and my readers will love. So whether you fit in with my personal aesthetic or you stand for a cause that I believe in, I'm eager to talk to you.

I'm particularly interested in supporting ventures related to the following:

Sustainability | Small businesses | Vintage/vintage-style clothing and accessories | Art and design | Independent artists/writers | Healthy eating | Blogs/blogging

As part of my ongoing commitment to use this blog as a force for good, 25% of the money I receive from selling ads will go to charity.

Sound good? Here are the rates and details:

If you're interested in something other than buying an ad - say, a giveaway or product review - please contact me through email: thejoyfulfox at gmail dot com.


From time to time, usually in outfit posts, I use affiliate links. What does this mean? Basically, it means that I will get a very small commission if you buy the linked item or buy something from the same store. This doesn't cost you a thing, you still get to the link you clicked on, and I earn a little extra income so I can keep The Joyful Fox running. It's a win-win-win situation if you ask me!

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